Termite Control Solutions for Lake Balboa Properties

You have likely read or heard that termites are among the most costly pests to come across. Termites can be experts at staying undetected and soundlessly shredding your structure apart. Termites ingest cellulose-based materials of which just happens to be in many structures.

Unfortunately, there are far more challenges with regards to termites and not simply to your property. Termites may cause damage to foundations, furnishings, books, and much more. The workers are only 1 cm up to a few mm in length, but this isn’t going to affect the considerable damage they will cause.

Lake Balboa Termite Defense & Prevention Measures


If you see evidence of termites call a professional right away!

The best way to lower the chance of termites entering your building or house is by means of helpful deterrence and protection techniques, which include ensuring a moisture-free environment and eradicating any food sources that may entice termites. We have provided the following tips for assuring the highest level of termite protection for your structure:

  • Dripping sinks, plumbing and air conditioners needs to be remedied.
  • Keeping your rain gutters nice and clean routinely can easily minimize the risk of tempting undesirable termites.
  • Be certain that water is redirected out from the foundation during rain.
  • Remove any unnecessary compost or coverings you have positioned near to the home’s exterior.
  • Be sure the roof is properly performing and no standing water is present.
  • Inspect your vents in your house to confirm there aren’t any obstructions.
  • Discourage termites from trying to get indoors by investigating and repairing any access points in the water lines and utility lines.
  • Install screens on any outer vents that don’t already have one.
  • Clear away stumps as well as other wood debris placed near to the house.
  • Routinely examine your outdoor patio and fences for any warning signs of termite problems.
  • Clear away any wood, papers, and lumber from around the foundation and your crawl space.

Signs of Lake Balboa Termites

There are particular warning signs to look out for that could signify an existing termite problem. Winged insects swarming your home, termite feces, hollowed out wood, tubes and tunnels created from mud on the property’s exterior, and shed wings near your windows and doors.

Efficient Termite Removal & Prevention

If you have attempted to inspect your structure but are still not sure if termites are there, or maybe you prefer protection from an expert; we’re right here to help you! We would be more than pleased to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Just call (818) 230-5286 today to schedule a termite inspection with our expert pest exterminators for your property in or near Lake Balboa, CA.

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