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Ticks belong in the Family Ixodidae and can also differ in color based upon their kind. The average size of a tick is 1 centimeter long for an adult and larvae of 1 mm in length. The most common varieties of ticks in Lake Balboa and encompassing regions are the blacklegged tick, American dog tick, and deer tick. All of these may be discovered if you live in the Los Angeles region. Our qualified pest control technicians can handle the ticks or any other pest concerns you may have.


If you have pets be sure to check them regularly for ticks even if treated regularly.

Ticks are generally located where thick woods or highly vegetated locations are. A number of tick kinds cannot stay alive without moisture and both males and females need the blood of wild birds, reptiles and mammals for their source of food.

The life-cycle of ticks contains four different stages. The egg, larvae, nymph and adult. The larvae have six legs and end up with eight legs throughout the final stages. No matter the life-cycle phase, they need blood to stay alive. Ticks that carry around specific disease-causing pathogens and bacteria can in fact be passed on to their host.

Indications of a Tick Problem

You will know if ticks are entering your residence when you start spotting them. Households that have domestic pets tend to be at greater risk for a tick intrusion. In some cases people who encounter bites from the ticks might possibly experience severe unwanted side effects that can often be treated by a doctor. Even without pets you could end up with ticks in your yard from wild animals and critters that have them and leave them behind when wandering through your yard.

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