Commercial Pest Control in Lake Balboa, CA

We provide an array of insect plans so that you can pick one best suited for your needs, regardless of your industry. Better yet, we offer treatment strategies designed to match your needs so whether you want a monthly, quarterly, or yearly pest control strategy, we are right here to supply it.

Pest Risks for Certain Industries

Industrial properties are usually in danger for bug invasions when there’s not a single pest plan in place and the property is not inspected or treated regularly to keep the insects out. We have worked with many businesses in the Lake Balboa and Los Angeles area and none of them enjoy having a serious pest issue. The best way to avoid this? Have regular inspections done and some type of treatment plan in place.

If you own or manage a dining establishment, you’re likely concerned about roaches and rodents versus spiders and beetles. Any bug or rodent that is drawn to food is going to be a potential problem for you and it’s best to prevent them, rather than waiting for them to invade your establishment. Our team of techs can help you keep your dining facility bug-free with our effective and efficient customized treatment plans.


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Preventing Commercial Pest Issues

You can contact our Lake Balboa exterminators right away to get started. The longer you wait to get in front of the pests the more serious an issue you could face. Cockroaches can breed quickly and be very difficult to eradicate when a serious infestation is present. However, taking action prior to noticing a roach, or immediately after, is the best way to get the relief you want.

We will work with you to create the best plan that targets any existing problems as well as any potential ones discovered during an inspection. It’s very critical that commercial industries keep a pest-free facility because it only takes one small pest to cause serious problems.

Combine Proactive Techniques with Routine Pest Control

Certain insects may strike your business, depending upon what kind of business it is. Our technicians will gladly provide additional techniques for preventing pests in your company that work the best when integrated into routine pest solutions. Your reputation is crucial and having unwanted bugs can cause negative results for your company and your brand name.

By ensuring that someone will be out to inspect your property at a scheduled date and time, as many times as necessary throughout the year, you can allow us to take a significant amount of weight from your shoulders. We know what it’s like to be bombarded by bugs and this reaction is worse for certain commercial properties. Nobody wants to eat at a restaurant that is overrun with flies and bugs. Our Lake Balboa pest control techs can make sure that never happens to you!

If you need help with termites, bed bugs, mice or general pests, just call our Lake Balboa exterminators today at (818) 230-5286 and we will gladly help you.

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