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Cockroaches come out at night to scour for food so if you see them during the day, you likely have an infestation.

These particular pests are a prevalent problem in Lake Balboa and many other areas across the U.S. but our exterminators hold the knowledge and experience necessary to get control of cockroaches on your property. In addition we will take the time to provide suggestions on steps to take to prevent them from returning again.

Lake Balboa Cockroach Control at Home

There are certain species that enjoy getting into homes, in addition to other structures in which individuals reside and therefore, are viewed an enormous pain (pest). Many cockroaches are disgusting but a few are actually helpful due to their role for recycling decayed, organic materials.

They can carry diseases because they’re commonly seen scurrying over unclean surfaces. They can then transmit them to humans. The kitchen seems to be the most common room that endures roach issues and that’s because they have a significant source of food. As you’re likely aware, restaurants are at high-risk for a cockroach invasion if on-going preventative procedures aren’t in place.

What Do They Look Like?

Cockroaches can come in quite a few measurements, normally 2 inches long for local roaches while tropical species tend to be much bigger. They have 6 legs, 2 antennae, plus certain types have wings but they cannot fly.

Signs of a Cockroach Invasion

  • Unpleasant odor – when an infestation is present there will be a very recognizable foul/musky odor.
  • Droppings – the most common roach, German cockroach, has feces that are similar to pepper, while others have larger feces (grain of rice) or there may be a small brown stain left behind. The most noticeable places to find their feces is under kitchen appliances, floor corners and countertops.
  • Egg casings – roaches will leave egg casings behind, like many other pests. You’ll likely find these around the bottom of the refrigerator, in cabinets with food items, or near leaky pipes.
  • Roaches – if you see a cockroach then obviously, there is a problem. It’s not common to only have one, so if you see one there are likely many others in hiding.


If you were nodding your head to any of the above signs then it’s time to call us for cockroach control services right away. They will only increase in numbers the longer you wait to take action against them.

Where Did They Come From?

Many people who end up with them cannot help but question how they got them to begin with. Unfortunately, many people acquire a cockroach problem quite easily. They can enter inside from exterior crevices and cracks, drain pipes, sewer pipes and even vents. Surprisingly, it’s also possible to bring them inside unconsciously; while bringing in containers and also other items that have a disguised cockroach or more. If your neighbor has them it puts you at high risk of developing a problem with them too.

Roach Reproduction

Once roaches are inside your property, it’s important you take swift action to avoid a serious infestation. Cockroaches reproduce quickly. If you’ve seen one, there is a high probability that more are hiding elsewhere. They are nocturnal pests so if you see them during the day, this is typically the result of overcrowding. Call a professional roach exterminator immediately if this is the case.

Wellness Risks/Factors

As mentioned before, they can transmit diseases but they also leave particles behind from their cast-off skin, droppings, as well as their dead bodies laying around are harmful. People with asthma or allergies might discover a spike in their symptoms when cockroaches are present; especially for younger individuals.


Cockroach Control DIY

Many of our clients have tried to fight their presence by themselves for quite some time before giving us a call. Yes, there are many cockroach control products on the shelves for you to acquire, however many are a waste due to the fact that they are just ineffective. This is even more true if there is an invasion present, and not simply a couple of them getting in. It typically requires special materials, devices and knowledge to successfully battle a roach intrusion.

Contact Lake Balboa’s Roach Control Pros

We understand that some prefer to attempt eradication on their own first and that is fine. However, we don’t advise waiting a month before calling a professional if you’re not seeing results. Getting control of cockroaches is typically a task best left to the experts. Our own Lake Balboa cockroach control technicians are standing by to assist you today. Call us at (818) 230-5286 to learn more or to schedule an inspection.


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