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Encountering a great deal of beetles on your home lately? Our beetle control technicians have the understanding and experience needed to efficiently treat your property and keep them away in the future.

Beetle Appearance

It is not unusual for individuals to see a roach and believe it is a beetle, or vice versa. This can be quickly addressed by analyzing the wings on the pest. Adult ones will have front wings made of a firmer material than the majority of winged parasites.

This particular pest will keep its front wings folded in order to cover its back wings. In addition, you will see a line along its back. There are a variety of sizes, shapes and colors of beetles in Lake Balboa.

Beetle Life Cycle

Beetles go through four phases of a life process – egg, larva, pupa and adult. How long it stays in a cycle is determined by the kind/type. It might mature rapidly or it could be three years before it becomes an adult. Fast-developing beetles will produce many generations in a single year. Likewise, the accessibility of food will affect how long it takes to develop into an adult.


Asian lady beetles are one of the common kinds found in Lake Balboa, CA.

Beetle Types & Diet

Exactly what do beetles eat? Mainly animal and plant materials. You might even say that they are somewhat wise because adults will lay their eggs near the food that will feed the larvae when hatched.

Carpet & Powderpost Beetles

Some species can actually be harmful. Take the carpet beetle for instance. The larvae from this species will eat natural fibers so your fabric-covered products and home furnishings are at danger for damage when this type is present. Another damaging bug to consider – the powderpost beetle. It wants to consume bamboo and hardwood.

June, Elm Leaf, Flour & Grain Beetles

Flour and grain beetles are commonly discovered in houses and industrial properties. If they enter certain commercial properties, they can quickly damage food and products in a short time.

Outdoors, you might see June beetles. This type can damage your beautiful lawn since they feast on lawn roots. Elm leaf beetles will certainly attack trees. That said, it depends on the kind of beetle when it comes to possible damage so it’s advised to take action right away once you’ve determined the type.

Benefits of Beetles

Although often harmful, beetles can also be helpful. The eastern beetle (ladybug) will devour little insects that are found on your plants, So if you garden, they could be helping you out. Unfortunately, they can still become hassles throughout late summer and fall seasons. This is typically when people notice the ladybugs invading their homes; both inside and outside. They simply desire shelter for the cold months ahead and wind up ending up being a nuisance to homeowners.

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