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Lake Balboa is home to several pests. For example, the not too pleasant wasp. The appearance of a wasp is determined by the kind it actually is but many feature two pairs of wings and squeezed waists.


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Some specific wasps are sociable and like to reside in colonies, like bees, and may range from 100’s to 1000’s in a single colony. Females are in charge of chores inside of the nest and care for the eggs. The unsocial wasp varieties want to dwell alone and may also lay eggs, however they will leave the eggs alone inside the nest.

Wasps in Lake Balboa, CA

There are actually both parasitic and aggressive wasps within the Lake Balboa area. The upside to aggressive wasps is they kill and devour many other bothersome insects which they use to feed their larvae. Parasitic wasps may lay offspring either in a spider or caterpillar to be sure the larvae will feed on the live host.

You have likely noticed violent wasps, however, not all wasps are like this. The violent types can and will sting many times if needed. Wasps happen to be a bonus to the environment because of their role of preying on additional insects that demolish landscaping plants and vegetation.

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