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Bees can live practically anywhere individuals can live, except places of all-year severe cold, but some bumblebees can live far north and high in the mountains where it is actually cold most of the year.

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Bees look for a range of homes, depending on the species type. There are many solitary bees and there are also some that are more social. Others, like honey bees, look for hollow wood or the walls of your house as a best place to develop a honey-producing colony.

Why Bees Are on Your Property

If bees enter your house it is merely because they are looking to build their own house. The tooth cavities in fireplaces and wall spaces are much like a hollow tree.

It is an unfortunate situation, however, they delight in places that get a lot of sun each and every morning. Even extremely small holes enable access for bees. In addition, they could have already been on your property but you hadn’t noticed yet. Many times this is because a previous hive wasn’t cleared out properly and is calling the bees back. You can count on our Lake Balboa bee control service to safely remove the bees hanging around your home or business.

What Kind Of Bee Is It?

If you see a real honey bee it will certainly be fuzzy, have 4 wings, straight antennae and be a length of about 3/4 inches. When you notice a large bee it is probably a carpenter bee. Smaller sized size comparable bugs are generally some range of non-social bee (which means they won’t make large hives or nests).

lake-balboa-los-angeles-beesThe common types in the Lake Balboa area are the Bumble Bee, Carpenter Bee, Honey Bee, and the Africanized “Killer” Bee. Honey bees tend to be the most common in the area. If you see one on a flower it’s likely a bumble bee and if they’re buzzing around structures (particularly wooden) it’s likely a carpenter bee.

Southern California, unfortunately, has seen Africanized Killer Bees. This type is very aggressive and should be avoided. You can call our bee removal pros to safely handle this very aggressive species.

While not a bee, a yellow jacket is roughly the same size of a honey bee but showcases a deeper black and brighter yellow color.

Safe Bee Control in Los Angeles, CA

Stinging is the biggest hazard of a bee, especially if you are allergic. Bee venom is a complex mixture of biogenic amines, protein (polypeptide) contaminants and enzymes. The stinging effects are not due to the acidity or alkalinity of the poison per se, however the toxicity of the venom itself. It takes a great deal of stings, about 10 per pound, to kill a normal human, however an individual sting can kill an allergic individual.

Reliable Bee Control Plans

Here at Quality Pest & Rodent Exterminators we do our part in helping to protect our bee population in Los Angeles County. Therefore, we do an inspection prior to taking any action. This helps us to try and determine what type of bees are present, and where the nest or hive may be. This might require access to your attic or sub-spaces but any information you can give your bee removal technician will be very useful in determining the best bee control plan for your needs.

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We also like to mention (and nicely remind) Lake Balboa residents that products you buy in the stores may actually negatively affect the bee population. We can’t keep a bee from showing up in your yard and these should be left alone. However, should you discover a nest or have reason to believe there is one near your property, call our bee and wasp control specialists at (818) 230-5286 right away.

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