Lake Balboa Millipedes

There are a number of types of millipedes that are commonly seen in Lake Balboa, California but will be brown colored and 2.5 to four centimeters in total length. It is easy to recognize them by noticing their two sections have 2 pairs of legs.

These small insects will lay eggs within the earth and require a couple of years to be completely mature and have a relatively decent lifespan of several years.


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It’s totally common to notice millipedes within and outside your property. If noticed inside, they’re going to likely be observed in damp spots. Outside they have a tendency to enjoy flowerbeds and home gardens. You may notice millipedes outside your home if you have thick mulch or foliage close to outside walls. They just want humid earth or a moist habitat. Millipedes indulge in rotting pieces of timber they find and decayed leaves.

Come Fall months, you can begin seeing the millipedes set out to migrate, departing the environment they termed home for the past several months. Though experts are convinced the millipedes are getting ready for wintertime, migrating millipedes have actually been found whenever their home becomes flooded by major rain. During this time it isn’t unusual to find them inside your own home.

Preventing Millipedes

If the millipedes find your premises, the patio or porch is likely their first option for refuge. Sorry to say, they usually do not stop there. Right after they have occupied your patio or deck, they will climb across the exterior, finding a way inside the house. This way inside is commonly a little gap that you’ve not noticed. Because of this, ensuring there are no entry points across the residence can help stop them from entering the interior. In case you have an area specifically for storage space that consists of cardboard boxes or other items, they could easily hide under these items so we advise cleaning this area up.

Methods for Decreasing Lake Balboa Millipede Invasions

  • Evaluate your exterior landscaping and remove any excessive mulch. You will need to make sure a space that is at least six inches between any foundation level flowers up against the residence. You should eradicate mulch, leaves and grass to make this happen.
  • Have a look at the screens on your doors, vents and windows. It is very important that crawl space and attic screens are secure and not worn out. All entrance doors must shut and seal securely, reducing any unnecessary room for bugs to come in through, since they will.
  • Take a look at and replace (when necessary) the exterior doors’ weather stripping. When you notice weather stripping missing or any problems, it ought to be fixed. Your basement doorways also need secure and safe weather strip protection. When you see light below or all around a door (or window) it needs to be replaced.

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